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sorry,,im not really good at english... i dont really know much about the court ruling thing, but i have to say that no matter what, i'll always stand by your side. I never LOVE a band so serious before you guys(as DB5K)... so you guys are the very first band that i love so much that i have to watch videos about you guys everyday~ (its one of my habit now~) personally, i love JaeJoong the most xD and im a super super BIG FAN of YUNJAE couple (lol) when i know that you guys are separating... i was really sad...and i become emotionless for like a whole week... but then when i saw a video that JaeJoong said you still think you are part of DBSK, it really makes me happy :) so i keep having faith in DB5K's reunion ^ ^ and of course YunJae couple <3 AGAIN,, im JaeJoong's big fan... so if JJ is happy then im happy too heheh~ --------------------------------------------------- also.. i knew you guys had being suffer a lot because of some crazy stalker fan... and i knew there were news said that JaeJoong hit one of those crazy stalker fans ... (i dont really know if it's true or not) but I dont care...caz i can feel your pain :( if it was true, i wish i was there, so i can hit her for you~ and you won't get in trouble becaz you hit someone... ----------------------------------------------------- I hope you guys can find better guards to guard you guys from those crazy fans (privacy is really important!) and hope you guys will stay as the most popular group around the world :D and and and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!! ----------------------------------------------------- PS: i love the dramas that Yoochun and Jaejoong had participate in :DDD PPS: im a chinese~ just letting you know that you guys are REALLY POPULAR in Asia and also UNITED STATES ;D 加油哦~ 嘿嘿 :D