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Super Junior Choi Siwon recently did a photo shoot in London for fashion magazine Grazia's Chinese edition. From head to toe, Siwon exuded pure manliness. The stubble on his face added texture to a self-confident man completely in tune with his environment. It's a different look from the usual clean-cut appearance, and it simply spells s-e-x-y! We also have the behind-the-scene video for his photo shoot. Judging from the activities in the video, he was in London during London Fashion Week in mid-June. Siwon is currently in Taiwan shooting for Hong Kong director Dante Lam's new cycling movie, To The Fore, about the experiences of four young cyclists. Aside from becoming a dog lover's hero for aiding a lost dog, he has been training extensively to play the role of a genius cyclist. Glad to see him putting his excellent physique to good use.
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I never really liked it when guys had facial hair....until now lol