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1. You develop an unlimited amount of high expectation for your future husband/wife 2. You may be encouraged/convinced to become a pauper in order to attract those rich CEOs 3. Any good looking man (or woman) may be under suspicion for being a supernatural creature 4. Spending a fortune seems like the only solution to win your future love 5. You become a mute when it comes to expressing your feelings 6. You must leave your birth country in order to find your true love 7. Noona romances seem like the most desirable relationships ever 8. Misleading scenes from K-dramas may teach you things sex-ed never bothered sharing 9. We’re convinced to believe that once we find a person to go out with, a billion more guys and gals will swarm around and demand us too 10. You’re under the belief that your life is more special than anyone else’s, which translates to “My life is just like a K-drama romance”
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Ugh, my life explained in a Vingle post. Thats so sad hahahahaa
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LOL at number 9 haha
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Isn't that from a DramaFever post?
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number 6 for me hahaha
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