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So, Ji Hyun Woo is back from the military and is starring in the new drama, Trot Lovers along with Eunji from Apink and Shin Sung Rok from the drama "Love From Another Star." It's a friendly and upbeat drama which uses music as it's theme. Sypnosis: Choi Chun Hee (Eunji) is living in a poor family along with her dad who ran away because of unpaid taxes. In order to repay what her dad owed, she decides to train at one of the most prestigious companies, Shine Star. Though they had various difficulties before, she decides to let Jang Joo Hyun (Hyun Woo), who used to be Korea's most popular artist, train her. Like as the title mentioned, she does not sing pop, or what people usually listen to. Instead, she sings trot. We'll have to see her strive, face difficulties and relationships, and struggle to reach her goal. This drama appears and is subbed every Monday and Tuesday and dramafever.com, viki.com, dramafire.com, and dramacool.com. I prefer dramafire or dramacool because there are no ads. *So far, there are 8 episodes.
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Oh god hahaah Remember Super Junior Trot...not again!!