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Name : JR (Junior Royal) Real Name : Kim Jonghyun (김종현) Position : NU’EST Leader Date of Birth :8th June 1995 Height:176cm Weight: 58kg Nickname : 초록이 (Greeny) Hobbies : Reading comics book, Making toys My keyword : Japanese subway - A powerful charisma behind a pure innocent boy - one of the most popular in the group - the very 1st member which Pledis Entertainment revealed - made an appearance in KBS Hello with Baek Ho and was revealed by After School’s Kahi - the rapper for After School’s U-ie’s Debut song “SokSokSok“ - the male lead and model for the CF “New Balance” with Lizzy as the female lead - said to be one of the “Boys Choir” who sang with After School in their track “Someone is You“ - featured in Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok City” MV - nicknamed as “Bangkok City Boy”
@kpopandkimchi JR is ~20 now,not 16 years old,other than that a great card
@ugsi omg how did I not catch that hahaha people born in 1995 will always be 16 to me :)
@kpopandkimchi -forever young.... hehe :)
@kpopandkimchi @ugsi Once you're younger than 1994 youre a CHILD in my book