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International Anime Fan Event Winners
Hi Everyone!! ^_^ I just wanted to thank everyone for making the International Anime Fan Event a success. We really showed everyone else on Vingle how great our anime community is and how much we love anime. Now on to the important stuff, lol. The Winners: The Grand Prize Winner: Supernovah The Runner Up: Miluchara08 Consolation Prize Winners: youneshero18, ErwinPerdana, ekoabdurahman, dislodio, and jovanhernando7. Please send me your information, including address, cell phone, ID, and name to chupachups6526@yahoo.com before the 10th of August. ~~Supernovah, please also include which series and season or movie dvd you would like. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here at Vingle :) P.S. When you get your gifts please be sure to take pics with your gifts and upload them to Vingle :) Once Again Congratulations to all of the winners and a huge Thank You for Everyone who participated!!!!!
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thank you chupacups and all the anime fans :p hm... hm... hm... what should i choose???? :p
thank you chupachups,i want to ask why is she or he won (no fence supernovah)but all cards are not always anime,and why i got so many votes and many card that are anime just won Consolation Prize?tx