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Birth Name: Yoon Doo Joon Stage Name: Doojoon Birthday: July 4, 1989 Position: Leader, Sub-Rapper & Vocalist Height: 177 cm Weight: 66 kg Blood Type: A Instagram: @beeeestdjdjdj Twitter: @BeeeestDJ -He was born in Goyang, South Korea -He is a former JYP Entertainment and was almost a member of either 2AM or 2PM but he was eliminated -He starred in G.NA's music video "I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better" ft. Junhyung
I wonder what life would be like if he had joined 2am/pm
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@honeysoo I wonder too.. hmm he probably would have done just as well seeing as 2am/2pm have done extremely well
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Doojoon also specializes in soccer and is the main actor in the drama Lets Eat season one and two as the character Goo Dae Young!!!
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omg hes so fine
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