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57-year-old Mark Cathey of California was riding his bike on U.S. Highway 69 on the overpass at Farm-to-Market Road 344 when he was struck by a 2008 Ford F150 pickup driven by 52-year-old Samuel Vercher of Bullard. Cathey injuries sustained were as follows: n scapula, 5 broken ribs, collapsed lung, a gash to the head, and gravel burn. Although it is not visible in the video, the motorist, Samuel Vercher, did stop and call the police.
I have heard this happen to far too many people in my town. A woman I know was involved in a hit and run on our local highway and is now brain damaged. There is nothing funny about "scaring" cyclists with your car, its sick.
Unfortunately there is a common thing done with rude drivers called "buzzing" which essentially means the car will drive dangerously close to a cyclist in order to frighten the cyclist. In my opinion this is what the driver was going for and he got a little too close. Check out how he drives down the road, he holds a perfect line until he is only a few feet away from the cyclist. @pipeline
This is why I get so angry when people drive distracted (be it texting, or talking, or eating) because all it takes is a slight drift to end a life.