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EvoL (Kpop Group)
EvoL is an upcoming hip hop girl group. Their name stands for “EvoL: Effective Voice Of Ladies”. There are 4 ladies in the group so far! They were supposed to debut in April, but are currently scheduled for August 9th. Members of EvoL are: SAY-Kwon SoHee: Vocal/dance (19) JUCY-Kim JunHee: Rapper (20) HAYANA-Kristine Yoon: To be disclosed (18) J-DA-Kim YeonJoo: Vocal, rapper, maknae. (18)
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keke Effective Voice of Ladies :) funny name!!!
5 years ago·Reply
haha I agree, but then again lots of kpop bands have funny names kekekeke
5 years ago·Reply
they must be really confident of their singing to call themselves effective voice of ladies :D
5 years ago·Reply