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This angler thought he hit a snag, but it turns out that he had hooked an incredibly large octopus! Check out the cool underwater footage, as well as the sheer beauty of the octopus. Before you ask, according to the OP, it was kept and eaten. It wasn't caught intentionally, but it swalled a pretty large hook, and there was no hope of removing it. So, the fish would have suffered had it not been kept.
@mcgraffy indeed!! these guys seem pretty stunned but experienced enough to know how to handle the situation.
@KawikaAfelin I'm not sure lol but I woulda loved to taste it! @nokcha And yes, they would be really heavy! Sorry for the incredibly late response.
That's bad ass. I wonder how he cooked it....
It seems so calm but I imagine that wasn't easy to reel in...
How heavy are those things? That looks like it would take a team of people to get that out of the water.
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