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"Tell me what you heard your parents talk about, when you were 10 years old". John sees no reason to wonder how the high priest knows. He decides to just answer the question. "My mother confessed to Zechariah, that he is not my father, but someone else from the priestly cult. She said that the same man is the father of Jesus too". "Did you hear her say how it came to be? " "No." "Do you know if Jesus knows more than you do? " "He may, if his mother told him" "He knows. He knows who his father is. Now you will know too. It is I". John says nothing and Caiaphas continues, "And know this: I will have both of you, my flesh and blood, killed for meddleing with my business. I had great plans for both of you, but now you are merely an obstacle in my way". John looks up at him and say, "Kill me now then". "In due time, as your second cousin, or rather your half brother, likes to say", Caiaphas replies as he walks away.
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The dialogue feels direct but also very believable, good writing.