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This drama introduced me to Korean culture and it will always be one of my favorite dramas. I love this dramas even with its few flaws. My favorite guy was Kim Bum's character. Team Gu Joon Pyo& Jan Di <3. I really recommend this drama :) P.s. Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster. You will laugh, be mad, and cry through this drama.
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@getyourspockon I wished he did up with a girl. They left him forever alone :( .
same here ....heheh
this drama is the best of the best introduced me to kworld oppas nd made me fall in love with it no matter what i will always go back to it nd can talk abt it all night nd day long lol i love it soo muchh :-D
@saharhyunjoong. I can too! I love Boys over Flowers :). It did introduce my oppas, kpop, and other kdramas.
...has made me jump from taiwan drama to k-drama & k-world