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2PM's Wooyoung and actress Park Se Young are currently in a virtual marriage on MBC show "We Got Married". Although it's a fake relationship, they have gotten undeniably closer. As they were watching the scary movie, Wooyoung naturally puts his arm around Se Young when she was scared. She also plays a trick on him, saying her hand is hurt but instead it is a fake, bloody hand. Instead of getting scared, Wooyoung was concerned because he thought she was actually hurt. Then as the movie progresses, Wooyoung reaches for his wife's hand and holds it throughout the movie. I happen to not like these kinds of shows very much, because it's fake. But I have to admit that this moment was very sweet and led me to think that Wooyoung would be a great boyfriend. I can understand why people watch this show now T_T
@chasinghapiness omg "boyfriend" ... that's the perfect way to describe him T_T
He's so I'm sad lol