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NYOUNG!! (a perfect OTP)
If you watch Romantic & Idol, you might recognize this couple. It's N from Vixx and Eunyoung from Two XX. Though they had a heartbreaking "break up" on the show, the OTPs and ships were still high as always! Even after the show, Eunyoung continued to show her feelings towards him, even crying tears of sadness. Check the video and the pictures out! **And make sure to watch Romantic & Idol, a show similar yet more dramatic than We Got Married.
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Awww eunyoung was so cute I wish N picked her in romantic and idol :(
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Eunyoung is lucky I like her because if I didnt I would be sooo jealous of her being with N hahahah
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NNNNN! He's the cutest~
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oh goodness - how cute!
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