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Block B kicked off their promotions with a teaser of their music video! It features all the members gaping at a beautiful girl who is eating ice cream. When she accidentally drops it, they all try to dive in and save it. However, although there are many fans who are excitedly waiting for the rest of the music video, there seems to be a number of people who found the teaser inappropriate. They found the scene of the girl slowly licking her ice cream to be extremely sexual and made them feel uncomfortable. Some have even gone as far as to call it harassment! What is your opinion? Is the scene too sexually suggestive?
Why do people find little stuff like that so offensive? Personally I thought it was funny and the mv is funny too.
I agree with @eunhaelin calling it harassment is going way to far. It doesn't really look that offensive to me...does this mean I can't eat ice cream anymore for fear of someone saying I'm being sexually inappropriate?!
I dont see it as offensive at all? If Orange Caramel and Girl's Day aren't being questioned for their MVs then neither should Block B!
It is sexually suggestive if you think about it but I've seen way worse so I guess it didn't really bother me... calling it harassment is going too far though
I was expecting a lot more than what I just saw. This is nbd
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