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For this week's episodes, we see that Gun continues his misunderstanding of Miyoung, thinking she was part of a plot to get back at him for buying out the soap factory. But when her actions don't back up his suspicions, we can see that his exterior of resentment starts to break down and he really starts to care for Miyoung. It's all SO adorable, especially when he starts to surprise her with his appearances to the prenatal education classes and to her mother's friend's wedding. When Miyoung's mother tells him that he could call her "Mom" it looks like it really affected him because he hasn't called anyone that for so long. That was one of my favorite parts out of the two episodes. Of course the peace isn't going to last though. At the end of the episode 6, Miyoung gets the news that Gun sold the soap factory off and that shatters all the things he had done for her. I do enjoy that Gun will have to win her back especially with Daniel fueling his subconscious jealousy, but with Sera making a surprise appearance soon I feel like it would make him "snap out of it". AHH even though I already know what will happen it still makes me anxious lol. Anyway! Looking forward to the next week's episodes~
omgosh the scene where he wrapped all the towels around her because he thought she was gonna catch a cold was the cutest T__T
I really need to watch these (and stop reading all the reviews hahahahha)
@lili Omg yes I completely melted at that part! He already likes her, he just doesn't know it yet T_T