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After a little more than two months after Kris filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment, he finally returned to his Instagram account, uploading a picture of him in front of the St. Vitus Cathedral in the Czech Republic with the caption "time." It's extremely vague, as he could be referring to the time needed to solve his problems with SM Entertainment, or he could also be referring to the OST song he sang for a Chinese film. What is your stance on Kris's lawsuit?
sure i nvr blame kris he is by himself going through alot we all judge soo fast nd we all knw how terrible SM is kris fighting i just hope nd Exo still stay as freinds nd kris doesnt bcm the outcast i pray they still can keep in touch nd tge situation doesmt bcm lkke tvxq fighting kris :-)
I think he was irresponsible in leaving and suing the company. He obviously didn't want to stay with the group, otherwise he would've just sued to change his contract, not to terminate it.
I hope he's destressing. he's been through a lot
@kpoppyflower I think that the issue was with the company, not with the group. I'm sure he would have loved to stay with EXO since they have grown to be like a family, but under the power of SM he was really struggling. If it was like Block B and the ENTIRE group left, EXO would have stayed as 12. I just hope he leads a happy life :)