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After an explosive reaction to Tablo's cover of "Eyes, Nose, Lips", both Tablo and Taeyang took it to the official stage and performed it live for the first time on Inkigayo. It's a real treat to hear Tablo's rapping live and hear the emotion in his lyrics. The last time Tablo and Taeyang had stood together on stage on a music show was already two years ago when Tablo promoted his song "Tomorrow" that featured Taeyang. Their voices really complement each other, so here's to hoping there will be another collaboration in the future!
Table's lyrics kill me every single time
Is it me or does taeyang sound a little off in here.....tablo sounds great tho
@kpoppyflower hmm maybe he wasn't feeling too well? I found him to be a little strained too
TABLOOO! Epik High is so talented as a whole, but Tablo's lyrics are unreal!