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Girl group BESTie will be joining the massive list of comebacks for July! BESTie's official Twitter account uploaded a picture with a Tweet stating that they will be releasing their first mini album "Hot Baby" on July 28. Praying for another summer jam!
Hmm I'm a little iffy on the title... Hot baby.. lol
@eunhaelin lol maybe they are trying to go for "hot babe" or something?!
I really hope all of these girl group summer comebacks wont sound the same!
so many new groups i havent even heard of bestie!
@honeysoo they debuted quite a while back - they had a really catchy song called 'Love Options' which was really good! (But one of the girls is so painfully thin...I hope they've allowed them to eat, I think they took the rookie diet to an extreme...and not in a good way!)