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Singer-actor Rain is in talks to take the leading role of SBS drama "Song For You". The character he is said to be considering is a "daddy long legs" who is a genius songwriter and a producer with a Midas touch. However he also carries a past trauma of losing his girlfriend without being able to do anything and still gets stress attacks from it. Rain's last drama was "The Fugitive: Plan B". If Rain decides to take this role, it will be his first drama in five years! "Song For You" is scheduled to air after "It's Okay, It's Love" finishes it course in September.
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No please not may be please sure
my namja pls be back ....we all miss u a looot
I have missed Rain! Bring him back!!
Yay !!
I only saw a few gifs from fugitive plan b and he always made the best faces lol