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When I watched Shin A-Lam in her first match of the Olympics, I thought to myself, who is this feisty little firecracker. The way she went straight at her opponents and her quickness were amazing. I would have never guessed that I would see her in such a state at the Olympics that occurred leading to the medal round. It was absolutely heart-breaking to watch as her dreams came crashing down, and to make matters worse, she had to stay on the fencing strip while the appeal was being made. After all of that transpired, I really wanted her to win the Bronze, but I had a terrible feeling that there was nothing left in her emotional tank to get her through the Bronze medal match. I think that's what makes the Olympics so heartbreaking to watch sometimes. These people have trained their entire lives, sacrificing everything for the Olympics, which most athletes only have one shot at. For the majority of them, there is no "next time." Well, I hope there will be a next time for Shin A-Lam so she can have a chance at redemption.
I think she's supposed to get a placing but somehow,they made a blunder so maybe it's the reason for the special medal.
they said they will give her a "special medal." not sure what that is, but it is supposed to be for her sporting spirit.
after shin-alam incident, korea got 3 medals consecutively from fencing..hehehe..