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Team B's Bobbalicious
Bobby from Team B YG trainee Name: Kim Ji Won (김지원) or Bobby Birthday: 21 December 1995 Blood Type: O Hobby: Basketball Specialty: Swimming, Zodiac sign: Sagittarius Team B’s mood maker
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sweet baby Jesus....I luv me some bobby...still waiting for him
3 years ago·Reply
@ZitlalitRodrigu I just spit my water all over the computer ahahhaha "sweet baby jesus" HAHAHAHAHA
3 years ago·Reply
@honeysoo omg idk that's jus wat I first think of when ever I see Bobby lol
3 years ago·Reply
Ahh can't wait for iKons debut!!!
3 years ago·Reply
Have you seen the commercial he did with Sora you will fall in love with him all over again lol ^^
3 years ago·Reply