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Time spent learning a language is never wasted and the gift of language can never be underestimated. A short while back, I was emailed by Lexikeet and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their software. In the beginning, I was a little sceptical. They had recommended I review their beginner level Mandarin Chinese software since that was what most people used....but I was an advanced learner, what was the point? However, of all the language learning materials I'd reviewed, I'd never reviewed computer software before. My curiosity was piqued so I accepted and logged in. I was impressed - very impressed. With a bright, cheerful, easy-to-use interface, Lexikeet is the kind of program you find yourself wanting to use. At the beginner level, users are put through a comprehensive pronunciation orientation before they start the main program. This provides a strong foundation that proves vital for later learning. In a tonal language like Chinese, this stage is one of the most crucial and yet one of the most frequently skipped! There are four key points to Lexikeet which make it a piece of winning software; 1. Flexibility 2. Reminders 3. Choice 4. Progress To know exactly what makes these four points matter, check out my blog for the full review...
they don't by any chance have a Russian version, do they?
I was really happy to hear they have a Japanese version - any idea how much it costs?
I've always wanted to learn Chinese...
they don't happen to have a Korean learning one do they?
@galinda It's definitely worth trying! :)
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