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I'm in love with this song. There's just something about Taeyang's voice that makes me love this... I have a habit for going on long walks around Seoul. I have no plan, no destination - I just walk. It's my time. My thinking time. Sometimes I end up walking quite late at night and this song just fits that perfectly. The city is quiet(er) and everything just feels free and calm.
@Hwarang915 seriously?! Wow^^ I really wanted to go~ >.< Next time let's go together? Haha
i m also huge fan of taeyang. i even went their concert alone!! share info with me!
I think taeyang's entire album was great, this was one of my favs too! @honeysoo what was so controversial about this tho, if I may ask?
Such a jam! I don't know why this was so controversial when it came out. It's a great video
I always find myself thinking of him at 새벽1시 ...!
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