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As all human do in situation of greater numbers, groups start to form groups. With the growing popularity of cycling it is understandable that different groups and sects would stem from this particular sport. Similar to any other past time, some people will partake occasionally while others will devote their lives to it. Unfortunately with some who dedicate their lives to something, snobbery starts to emerge. Not only do these snobs think they there is some sort of hierarchy within this recreational sport, they seem to not want to have the lower end of the scale around at all. This behavior has been seen as lately as Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome winning the Tour in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Commentators and the "elite" in the cycling industry had this disdain for the popularization of the sport and pretty much held these cyclists accountable. However, the riders on the road are the biggest problem. The mentality of newbies taking over "their" sport has become widespread among many club cyclists and the like who have been riding for a few years. Scoffing at new cyclists and looking down on how much "worse" they are then themselves. These "elites" forget, they were once new. They were once terrible at the sport. They were once inspired by the freedom road cycling gives its enthusiasts. The snobs were simply those who have adopted the standard uniform, are chasing numbers, and can no longer find true job in the sport itself. All I can say is, take a step back and enjoy what cycling allows you to do. Getting caught up in the details turns people down a bad path.
I feel like there are different classification snobs. You got your fixed gear snobs, your courier snobs, your component snobs, your titanium snobs, your food snobs, your coffee snobs. The list can keep going and going...
@JustinRay depending on what part of California you moved to... You will definitely find a cycling group.. I live in Torrance/Manhattan Beach area and even my local bike shop puts on group rides. I'm a part of a group that meets up in Carson, all Filipino guys and all really nice.. They ride up and down the LA River Trail.. But I prefer to ride alone.. That way if I need to work on my climbing skills I can ride up and down any hill at anytime vs just riding it once a week with the group.
@JustinRay You'll find something in California, no doubt about that!
This is always something I've had issues with. Do I want to have fun? Yeah! Do I want to race? Yeah! Do I want to be great? Yeah! Do I want to have friends with the same passions? Yeah! Do I want to be a dick about it? Hell no! Make love not Elitists!
Maybe i just noticed more since i got into cycling (2 years), but there are a TON of road cyclist where i live. Rolling country hills, and not a lot of traffic. I see the peloton of bikers every sunday, usually when i get back from a ride w a buddy or two. Everyone i've met has been more then cool about helping out w tips, etc. So i can't say i've met any snobs yet, but i'm probably going to join a club next spring, we'll find out then;-)
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