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England has an awesome system for a select number of paramedics. These paramedics respond via bicycle. They are trained to operate in busy areas where cars and ambulances have difficulty reaching quickly. These responders travel through narrow roads, pedestrian areas, and shopping centers very quickly. Their bicycles are custom configured to be reliable for the jobs they have. The bikes are customized Specialized Rockhoppers. They are fitted with: lights, siren, strengthened back wheel, stronger spokes, puncture proof tires, and panniers. As for medical equipment, they carry: a defibrillator, oxygen, entonox, a pulse monitor, a blood pressure monitor, adult and child bag and mask resuscitators, adrenaline, aspirin, asthma and diabetes related drugs, bandages and dressings, rubber gloves, and cleaner.
I can see it being a problem for some parts of cities that are more spread out, but as a tool for a quick first responder in an urban area I am all for it!
This is a great idea! I'm sure they can respond quickly to a lot of emergencies.