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High-Visibility Clothing: Does it actually help cyclists?
There are some interesting findings emerging form a study at the University of Bath and Brunel University. The study found that high-visibility clothing does not deter drivers form dangerously overtaking cyclists on shared roadways. “Our study suggests that, no matter what you wear, it will do nothing to prevent a small minority of people from getting dangerously close when they overtake you," states Dr. Garrard, a research from the study. Dr. Garrard alone used data fro 5690 passing vehicles, data he collected himself. He used 7 different outfits for this study, two of which were quite interesting. Dr Garrard wore a vest resembling a UK police jacket but with “POLITE” printed on the back and another warning drivers there was a video recording taking place. “We can’t make cycling safer by telling cyclists what they should wear,” Dr Walker said, another researcher in the study. “Rather, we should be creating safer spaces for cycling – perhaps by building high-quality separate cycle paths, by encouraging gentler roads with less stop-start traffic, or by making drivers more aware of how it feels to cycle on our roads and the consequences of impatient overtaking.”
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I think bike lights are really important (for runners too!) I respond more to flashing lights than reflective clothes.
@nokcha This makes sense, runners know the struggle of no one looking out for them on the streets too. @fallingwater I'm glad you are deterred! Lol
Common sense would indicate to me that being more visible as a cyclists would be safer than not. When I'm driving a motor vehicle I most always notice first, those that are more visible than stealth. I vote for hi-vis apparel.