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"I hate bicyclists, every single one of them," said Laura Weintraub, a reserve officer with the Santa Paula Police Department. Weintraub made a YouTube video commenting on how much she hates cyclists, going so far as to joke about running over cyclists. Soon after a up-roaring response from the cycling community, Weintraub made a public apology. "I would like to apologize to all those who have been offended by what was intended to be a satirical video on cyclists," said Laura Weintraub, a personal trainer and three-year reserve on the 28-officer small-town force. "The response from the cycling community has made me aware of the sport and its safety issues and challenges with drivers on the road of which I was completely unaware." Not only did Weintraub come under fire from the community, but so did the Police Chief Steve McLean and the department as a whole. McLean stated, ""It's embarrassing, and I understand why people are upset. I understand what she was trying to do, to be funny.... But I was horrified with what she said and what she did, and they do not reflect my views or the views of the department." Weintraub has been since placed on leave and hopefully has learned her lesson about messing with cyclists. Talking about taking people's lives like it's a joke, especially when you are supposed to be a protector and servant of the city, is absolutely absurd.
Satire my ass. For something to be satirical you need to know information about the very subject you are joking about. Nice try lady. I say give her to boot
Got what you deserved, the photo that was posted at the end of stupid video it's disturbing!. Hope you never get your job back '
What a cook. I heard she resigned
@boblheureux1 Hey man, let's not stoop to her level. She is in the wrong, not all blondes. @CorinaTello It looks like she resigned from her police officer position.
and we hate dumb blondes ............