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My 2001 Giant Iguana SE
This bike has seen a lot! Most people probably wouldn't even ride it anymore for safety reasons. It has 27 speeds and everything still works properly! I am sure it should be retired, but I'll use it for a few more years!
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I'll put up a pic of the actual bike in a minute if I can
3 years ago·Reply
Nice ride! I see you are hitting both ends of the spectrum, road and mountain!
3 years ago·Reply
My inexperienced self took off the pedal cages way early on because I feel once on concrete and got scared to use them. I wish I kept them on now
3 years ago·Reply
@wkoetsch You can probably pick up a pair for really cheap at your local bike shop. I would say just save a few more bucks and buy them online but I don't know the threading on those pedals. Cages help so much! Clipless even more so
3 years ago·Reply
I just don't know if I'll put any more money into my mountain bike. The frame's in really rough shape.
3 years ago·Reply