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Just came across this amazing videos of some surfers seeks swells in the Arctic--how insane! Thought you'd like this @pipeline Photographer Chris Burkard and Professional Surfers Patrick Millin, Brett Barley, and Chadd Konig brave sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic Circle to capture moments of raw beauty in conditions that rank among the harshest in the natural world. The bitterly cold seas and wind exact a large price on their minds and bodies, but the reward - adventure, amazement, and self-knowledge - draws them closer together and pushes them to tackle the next frontier in surfing.
Too cold for me! Awesome video though
@Kimbler That's how you know you really love your lifestyle: when you're willing to get really really cold for it~
I love people that are willing to go to extremes for what they love: so impressive! I would do a lot to do ballet, so I can really understand.
@nokcha they shot it really well--I'm glad they were able to document such a thrilling experience
@pipeline Don't worry I'm an even bigger wimp--I won't even get near the water!!
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