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omg we are such a scary fandom hahahahaa
4 years ago·Reply
when speaking to a kpop fan never: 1. say their bias looks gay 2. say their bias looks like a girl 3. say that all American music sounds better 4. say things that make fun of the language, like racial slurs If you learn these four things you will be able to live long lol
3 years ago·Reply
I feel like there should be a guide book "How to live in a world with Kpop fans"
3 years ago·Reply
there should be. I totally agree
3 years ago·Reply
A guidebook that also tells you how to get a kpop fan to find you really cool which is by saying their bias looks hot or cute... but don't over do it by claiming said bias as your hubby or else you die hahaha
3 years ago·Reply