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High School King of Savvy Ep. 11 Recap

We left off last week when Sooyoung finally sees Minsuk in his natural habitat at school. To make matters even more severe, Yoo-ah clings onto her Hubby Lee. Sooyoung has flashbacks of seeing Minsuk in his fit of rage after a hockey game, and finally connects that the handwriting from the note he left at hospital to the handwriting on the post-it notes at work. Minsuk manages to croak out, "Secretary Jung..." and Yoo-ah is confused as to why he would call her sister that. In a daze, Sooyoung turns around and walks away without saying anything as Minsuk chases after her. Minsuk follows her by taxi and tries to call her, but she's too much in shock to pick up. When they get off the taxi, he pleads (well, more like shouts) for a chance to explain himself. Once they've sat down, Sooyoung looks over at his name tag, and asks if his real name was Lee Minsuk. But she gets confused whether to switch to informal speech or not. He explains that his brother had situation and that he was helping him out. Sooyoung sighs in disbelief. At the same time, Yoo-ah is also speechless as Minsuk's friends explain to her what happened. Yoo-ah refuses to believe anything until she confirms it herself. She walks away and says defiantly that it doesn't matter, because she liked Minsuk first. Back to Sooyoung and Minsuk, Sooyoung confirms his age to be 18. He says his name and age may be fake, but the feelings he has for her is real. Minsuk: "You know my heart, right?" Sooyoung: "No. I don't know. I don't believe any of it." She walks away and he starts to follow, but since they're in front of the company, their co-workers spot Sooyoung and call out to her. Minsuk, still in his school uniform, can't do anything but hide and watch Sooyoung walk away. She crosses the street without looking, and just as she is about to get hit by a car, Director Yoo comes in and swoops her out of its way. He tries to apologize to her, but she doesn't hear anything and walks off. At the office, she is in such a daze that she calls the wrong person and even sits on someone's lap, thinking it's her own chair. In his office, Minsuk is also frustrated at Team Leader's nagging because being a Director wasn't something he wanted to do either, and storms out. Out on the roof, Sooyoung is comforted by Assistant Manager Yoon, who says she can talk to him whenever she needs an ear. President CEO tells Director Nam to find out about the chauffeur (who happens to be Minsuk's father) as soon as possible. He also orders to get Sooyoung taken care of before things get too loud. Seriously, dude? Time to get off work! Do they ever actually work though? On her walk home, Sooyoung gets a call from Minsuk but doesn't pick up. In front of the door, Yoo-ah also comes home and pushes Sooyoung out to go in first. Sooyoung: "Are you okay?" Yoo-ah: "You're asking me if I'm okay? How can I possibly be okay? And what if I am okay, are you going to continue dating Hubby Lee? You're totally thick-skinned." Sooyoung: "Hey! I'm feel resentful and wronged and sad too." Yoo-ah: "Are you cosplaying as a victim now? This is so annoying." Sooyoung continues trying to convince Yoo-ah that she really didn't know, but Yoo-ah's not having any of it. Their frustration towards each other results in a pillow fight with feathers flying everywhere. At least that's better pulling out each other's hair. Yoo-ah calls her sister a total grandma compared to Minsuk, who is the same age as her. When Yoo-ah runs out, Sooyoung finally hears it and drops to the floor as she has flashbacks to the times when she and Minsuk kissed, and the times he made her heart flutter. Later that night, Yoo-ah still hasn't come home so Sooyoung runs around looking for her. She finally finds her at a playground, getting hit on by two other high school boys. Sooyoung sees that and runs over and BITES one of the boys' hands, HAHA. She scares them off waving her arms around like a fan. I love her. After Yoo-ah has fallen asleep, Sooyoung finally agrees to meet Minsuk. He tries to come closer to her, but she stops him and tells him to stay where he is. Ouch. He hopes she's not uselessly thinking of something else, but to only look at his heart for her. Minsuk: "I have no thoughts of giving you up, Jung Sooyoung --" Sooyoung: "Wait. Who are you to call me Jung Sooyoung? Whether you didn't know or not, I'm a 10 year older noona to you." She tries to get him to get a grip of the reality of their age difference. He accepts it, but doesn't see why it's a problem. She keeps treating him like a child and tells him to go home, but he grabs her wrist and pulls her closer. Minsuk: "You're doing this on purpose right? Don't think about anything else, just tell me honestly. You like me, right?" Sooyoung: "No. That was when I thought you were 28-year-old Director Lee Hyunsuk. Not anymore." The next morning, the Jung sisters are still at odds with each other, as they bump into each other awkwardly in the doorway more than once. At school, Minsuk is staring off to space, but Yoo-ah comes around and brings him breakfast as if nothing had happened. When Minsuk gets to the office, he finds Sooyoung's resignation letter sitting on his desk. He calls Sooyoung who is already on a bus back to her hometown. In a flashback, we see that the night before, Sooyoung finds a scrapbook in Yoo-ah's backpack titled "Project to Make Hubby Lee the Best Player". There are pictures that document his career as a hockey player. This was when she finally agrees to meet Minsuk when he calls her. Back in the present, she ignores Minsuk's phone call and deletes him from her contacts. She mutters to herself that she's okay, that she's doing the right thing. Aww! So that means if it weren't for her sister, she would have continued liking Minsuk? I need some tissues, brb. As soon as Sooyoung gets off the bus, she shouts out "Mama!" and engulfs her mom in a bear hug, it's super cute. She lies that she got a vacation from her boss because she is doing such a good job at work. Back at the company, Minsuk continues to call Sooyoung but without success. He lies to Team Leader Kim that Sooyoung had requested for a vacation. Team Leader throws a fit and Minsuk snaps back at him. Team Leader senses that he's not in the best of moods, but Minsuk dismisses him and leaves the office. As Yoo-ah is walking home at night, she finds Director Yoo sitting in front of their house. They meet for a snack, and Yoo-ah proposes that they work together since he likes her sister, although he never directly admits it. She saves his contact as "Mr. Baekseolgi" ('baekseolgi' meaning 'steamed white rice cake') because he's so pale. Back at her hometown, Sooyoung wanders around aimlessly here and there with nothing to do. She's even subject to ahjumma gossip, who wonders why she's back home and going around like a crazy person. When Sooyoung is alone, she cries to herself. At the office, Minsuk isn't much better when he messes up an important contract. He soullessly tells Team Leader Kim that he will take responsibility for it. "How?" "Fire me." Director Han, Team Leader Kim, and Minsuk all receive a scolding from the President himself. All Minsuk could do is apologize and as they leave the room, the other two cry out in frustration because of his mistake. Minsuk just looks down and feels nothing. The scene cuts to Director Yoo's office. Director Yoo receives a text from Yoo-ah who tells him to go down to Kangchon to see Sooyoung because now is his perfect chance. He also finds out from Director Nam that Sooyoung is to be let go quietly, direct orders from the President. So Director Yoo goes straight to the President's office and tells him not to fire her, because she is the woman he likes. He threatens to reveal himself as his son as well as who his mother is. Wow, if you weren't such a douche in the beginning I'd be almost rooting for you. Director Yoo gets into the elevator with Minsuk. He asks Minsuk if there is anything wrong between him and Sooyoung. Minsuk tiredly replies that it's none of his business, but Director Yoo remarks that it's important to him, if he's going to go to Sooyoung. Then Director Yoo gives a phone call to Yoo-ah to ask her something we don't get to hear. Team Leader Kim and Director Han get together and discuss Minsuk's slump. So back at the office, Team Leader Kim tries to cheer him up by inviting him out to eat, but Minsuk says he doesn't feel like it. Then Team Leader Kim gifts him a USB...full of porn. LOL. Yes, because that's the answer to all problems. Team Leader tells Minsuk to think of him as an uncle and tell him what he's been so troubled over. Minsuk, "Can I really think of you as an uncle? Uncle, please get out. I want to be alone." HAHA. In Kangchon, Director Yoo surprises Sooyoung by appearing in front of her as she plays a game with the neighborhood kids. Director Yoo says he doesn't really know why he's there either, just that he heard Sooyoung was taking a vacation so he was curious, and also worried that there was something going on. He asks Sooyoung to give him a tour of Kangchon but then he gets a phone call. It's the hospital, informing that his mother tried to slit her wrist and for him to come quickly. Another one of his dizzy spells hit him, and he has to sit down. Meanwhile, the office can feel Sooyoung's absence and suggest to call her. Assistant Manager Yoon says loudly and clearly that he had talked to her earlier and found out she went to Kangchon, seemingly for Minsuk to hear. Sooyoung ends up driving Director Yoon to the hospital, where his mom just gets out of surgery. In the hospital room, Sooyoung leaves a note saying she'll wish for his mom to get better and leaves first. When Minsuk gets home, he finds his grandpa touching the moss plant that's all dried up. He gets furious and yells at him, even though grandpa was only trying to save it. He mutters that it's the most important thing in the world and runs out. He tries to look for a taxi to take him to Kangchon, but they all refuse to let him in. Director Yoo comes to see Sooyoung again later that night. Although she tries to get him to leave because it's late, he suddenly pulls her into an embrace. She tries to pull away but he just holds on tighter, asking just to stay like that for a little while. After witnessing what she saw that day, she couldn't refuse and ends up comforting him by patting his back. Of course, that was the moment when Minsuk runs up and sees them hugging. His first reaction is anger but as he sees Sooyoung's hand reach up to hug him back, he freezes. He can't watch it anymore, so he turns around and leaves. Director Yoo says he doesn't know why he's like this, because he used to be fine when he was alone. But now that Sooyoung isn't by his side anymore, he feels lonely. He asks her to stay with him. He's sorry, can't she just look at him again? Sooyoung is thankful for his feelings, there was also a time when her heart would flutter when seeing him from afar. But as time passed, there is another person in her heart now. Director Yoo knows that the timing is shit, and he blames himself for that. Can't she just give him one more chance? But all Sooyoung replies, "Please go home safely." All of a sudden, Minsuk comes around and drags Sooyoung away, saying they need to talk. Sooyoung says she has nothing to say, but Minsuk insists that she just listen then. They pass by Director Yoo who holds back Sooyoung. Director You: "She said she didn't want to." Minsuk: "Who are you to keep interfering?" Director Yoo: "But I know for fact that you don't hold that right anymore." They step closer together, lasers shooting out of their eyes, and the episode ends. COMMENTS I just have one complaint. STOP WITH ALL THE WRIST GRABBING, PLEASE. I'm not even mad about the conflict. Although it's frustrating, we need it for plot and character development. It's just that we keep seeing Sooyoung being dragged here and there in between Minsuk and Director Yoo that it's frustrating! I get that she's nice and doesn't want to hurt anyone, but like when she chose to drive instead of sitting in the front or back seat, I hope she kicks both of them to the curb. At least just for a little while. Then she can accept Minsuk again, hehe.
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