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Defcon and Jung Hyung Don are hosts of popular variety show "Weekly Idol". This time they have become producers through a new show called "Idol Music Revolution", and are calling themselves Brave Duble Tiger, taking part of names from big producers in the music industry. They are taking existing idol group members and creating a sub-unit, and the lucky (?) members they have chosen are VIXX's N and Hyuk, BtoB's Sungjae, and Got7's Jackson. Defcon and Hyung Don will be in charge of everything from the song, music video, and even choreography. The image they are going for is "charismatic men". This will either be a total disaster or completely flawless. I can't wait!
@kiarastiger the first part of this was hilarious, sungjae is so funny hahaha
YAY! Sungjae!!! totally gonna make sure to keep up on this
@kiarastiger honestly, i didnt really like btob until i got to know the members' personalities. Now I love them because they are such great guys!
@honeysoo cant wait too see the first episode then. That why i love Sungjae. He's always acting silly.
This is gonna mentally mess some people up.
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