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Ann Bausum has written several excellent non-fiction books published by National Geographic, all of which meet my "compulsively readable" requirement. I highlight this one because it's such a controversial topic right now, and one that directly affects some of my students. In this book about U.S. immigration policies, Bausum focuses on cases that aren't often discussed in history classes, cases that reveal the shameful side of immigration. Bausum addressed the economic impact of new immigrants, as well as issues like racism and national security. A very well-balanced historical perspective on a current event, it would be an excellent choice as the basis for a collaborative between history and language arts teachers. Highly recommended for grades 7 and up.
All of the time we spent in school learning about California history, I barely remember discussing the massive Chinese immigration. I assume the history courses haven't changed much since I was in elementary school. I hope kids can get their hands on more books like this!
This seems like a topic that might not suit every student, but that can really enthrall those who already have the right kind of maturity even at a young age to begin to explore it.
@Sjeanyoon, I don't ever remember learning about the Japanese internment camps in school. Lots of history gets left out:/