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In our world of technology, information is easier to access than ever before. If someone asks a question, we can respond "google it." When it comes time to make important choices, rather than sitting and thinking about what the choice might mean to us, we reach out to the internet, searching for similar experiences. Our decisions are not achieved by our own knowledge, but largely by the influence that this information has on our minds. John Hunt's book "The Art of an Idea" explores this idea: information, he says, does not equal an idea. Simply knowing something, doesn't mean we have done any thinking of our own besides passively experiencing it. Having lots of information does nothing to help us flex our creative muscles: "Passive accumulation of information does not flex our creative muscles, and potentially causes them to atrophy." And so--remember this! When you read, when you learn, when you seek more information, don't just remember it. Take that information and consider why it might apply to you. Why does it matter to you that gas prices on the east coast have skyrockted--and what can we do to fix it? Why does it matter if bottles are wasting more plastic than they need to, and how can we fix it? Gaining information is good, but take that information and work with it! After reading a good book, or four, don't just bask in having learned or enjoyed something. Think about what in that writing inspired you, and create something yourself: flex those creative muscles, and see what you can do.
@happyrock It's difficult because to some extent, you can't teach it. But you're right--just letting people know that they need to be aware to work outside of the google searches!
And you can't learn everything from just reading! Application of knowledge is something that many students were not taught adequately, which leads them to needing to be lead through life. To become a leader, you must learn to look past the info and look into how to acquire and use it yourself!
I am such a google addict, I honestly dont know if I know how to use a physical encyclopedia anymore! We're relying WAY too much on Google these days :/
Google has become such a crutch for me as well :( Even though I don't want it to be, I can't help it! I'm trying to learn to use itmore as a spring board than as a final answer, though!
As sad as it is, I almost think we need a class that targets working on projects through which you'd have to think past google--some people aren't challenge to that point until college and then its too late!
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