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I never before believed that I might find such a fascinating, creative non-fiction piece on Buzzfeed, but here we are. Peter Andrey Smith, Buzzfeed contributor, shared his investigative story about the survival of Kali, a 12 year old who was infected with an amoeba with a 99% fatality rate. Somehow, she survived, and become Survivor #3. This is her story. The way Smith shaped the story kept the tale suspenseful, even if I knew what the outcome would ultimately be. He tells the story not just of Kali, but of two other towns where children have died from being infected by the amoeba: each section is told according to the date, and so we can see the way each of the towns' tales weave together throughout time, and just how fast a tragedy, or miracle, can occur. Give this piece a read for an interest story of survival, with great writing to carry it through!
Whoa, Kali's story is awesome!
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@galinda Agreed! The suspense was real, but I'm glad I knew all along that she would be okay
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