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Scientists and engineers at NASA are using origami techniques to help solve a fundamental dilemma facing spacecraft designers: How do you take a big object, pack it into a small container for rocket launch, and then unpack it again once it arrives in space — making sure nothing breaks in the process. NASA engineers use origami as inspiration when they fold up solar panels for their trip to space. With the Miura fold, once a piece of paper (or solar array) is all folded up, it can be completely unfolded in one smooth motion.
@caricakes who ever thought of it hopefully got a big check, or at least an awesome high five :) this is really inventive, and actually is something that can probably be applied to many things like shipping, air travel, etc!
I had no idea that solar arrays could be folded?! Or were these specially produced so they'd be able to handle the stress? Either way, cool!
I wonder who had the original thought to use origami. This is millions of dollars worth of material that is modelled after a piece of paper!