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This piece by Lev Novak is too great to ignore. Seriously, if you're a Harry Potter fan who identifies with a certain house in any way, you cannot ignore it. Go read it. Novak dives into the world of Harry Potter (post-Voldemort, he reminds us) to discuss which house is the best, and why. He hands out some advice to the others on the way, cracks too many jokes, and does it all in just a few paragraphs per house. My personal favorite lines: Re: Slytherin: "even the coolest, edgiest Slytherins get kind of embarrassing towards the end. I鈥檓 looking at you, Malfoy." Re: Ravenclaw: "Have some butterbeer, guys. Live a little." Re: Gryffindor: "Harry Potter is a cool-kid jock in the coolest frat." Re: Hufflepuff: "That鈥檚 right. Hufflepuff is America." Read the whole piece! Seriously.
@caricakes at least SOMEONE has given them the love they deserve, then! @greggr Great point! Harry's world is (sadly) a very harsh world where people are actually controlled in quite a large way, so it's interesting to see how we might view it differently if it was a part of our world
@nenegrint14 It's great to feel so attached to a world we find in books: it'll always be there for us! Keep that hope alive.
@nenegrint14 I am still waiting for mine too!!!!
@nenegrint14 I love that you have so much passion for this--way to think it out! Its a world that inspires this kind of imagination.
@nenegrint14 No, thank you for the novel! You're so right, I agree with pretty much everything you've said. I took this as a very light look into what the houses might be like in our world, as if Voldemort and more didn't happy--in that sense, I think a lot of what he said was right. But everything you've said is so true about what the world of Harry Potter really is and was: knowledge is necessary, Luna is brilliant, all of it! I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes the world of HP so seriously :)
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