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Dangerous Freshwater Fish: Wels Catfish
Fish name: Wels Catfish US Location: none. Worldwide location: Central, southern, eastern Europe. Near Baltic and Caspian seas. Why is it dangerous? These Catfish are scaleless and can be identified by their huge mouths and the two long barbels on their upper jaw and four short ones on the lower jaw that are use to sense prey. It's said they might bite or eat people. Should I be worried? To date, two species of giant catfish are reported to be man-eaters: the wels catfish (above) in Europe and the goonch catfish in Asia. Historical accounts have depicted the wels catfish as a lake predator since medieval times with many stories recalling how it swallowed small children whole, never to be seen again. Even though attacks like these haven’t occurred in modern times, that’s not to say swimmers in Germany’s Berlin Lake haven’t been bitten at some point. Still, who knows!
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