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I found this article pretty interesting, since I am rather proud of my Instagram account. (No selfies, not too many food pictures, etc) I suppose this may be because I make it a point to follow only my close friends and a select few celebs, that I don't feel the depression this article describes. I inserted two of my favorite points, but I suggest reading the whole piece! "This might sound melodramatic, but Instagram makes me feel depressed. More than any other form of social media, Instagram seems specifically about comparison—an endless competition of whose life is better. How can one ever be truly satisfied when, right there in your phone, lies an endless stream of photographic evidence that tons of people are having more fun, and are more successful, wealthier, skinnier, and more in love than you are?" "This obsession with comparison can be particularly toxic when it comes to our romantic lives. It's not just other couples’ love lives we compare our own to, but also the love lives of former lovers. Case in point: a guy I used to date, with whom it never really worked out, recently started seeing someone new—a model, of course! Naturally, I looked through all the photos she’d ever posted, thinking, “Is she really that much prettier than me?” and “How successful is she actually?” When I reached the end of her stream, feeling royally bad about myself, I moved on to her tagged photos, in order to get a more “accurate” (read: unflattering) perspective of what she looks like, desperate for one double-chin shot to make myself feel confident again. I found no bad angles, no fashion disasters, no sign of crow’s feet; I did, however, find that this pointless, compulsive masochism made me feel all the more pathetic."
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I found it pretty depressing so I stopped using it fairly quickly. I'd be studying and constantly get distracted by people doing things way more fun than studying....
@fallingwater here here I have too many friends who do this and it's so dumb like that stuff just doesn't matter. the article's interesting to think about tho.
@AgentCory yeah, pretty interesting but I still can't stand my friends doing it hahaha
Moral of the story: let's all be happy with the life that we have and not according to how our life measures up to someone else's. Because then you aren't living your life, you're imitating what someone else's. And that can only pacify your insecurities for so long. Enjoy your Life.
@Tony2Quik Here, here! I have friends that genuinely like how they live their life through instagram, so I guess if it makes them happy we can't complain, right?