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I Know Where Your Cat Lives is a data project created by an Associate Professor at Florida State University. He states in the about section of the website that the reason he developed this website was to show how accessible content is, specifically pictures of cats. The website gathers pictures from the internet that are tagged with cats, finds their location in metadata, and plots them on a map. Basically, they know where your cat lives. All the pictures that are taken are public, from sites such as instagram and flikr. Can you imagine what other photos could be tracked like this? What if the next tag they did was #selfie? Maybe people should think twice before taking that selfie in their room and including their location...unless they truly want the whole world to know where they live.
This applies to pretty much everything. Pictures of your car, your new bike, anything!
That's terrifying!! I post pictures of my puppy pretty much everywhere and I never really thought about it before. Granted, I don't think anyone would try to steal him but you never know!!
I can think of so many funny "I know what you did...." scary style websites like this that could be used to teach people about being safer about uploading things with geo tags!
yes super scary what you can do with public data :O