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This puzzling mystery game is the creation of Jonathan Blow, developer of the award-winning game Braid. You're in a hallway, in a basement, in a house. You have no memory of who you are or why you are here. Exploring outward, you find yourself on a strange island, full of puzzles, which are placed in themed areas: a castle, a desert ruin, some kind of hybrid laboratory-art-gallery. Here and there you find audio recordings, narrated by someone who seems to know a great deal about this island. Is that guy responsible for your situation? How did you come to be here, and how can you get home? Release Date: TBA 2014 RP for Rating Pending: Genre: Puzzle Publisher: TBA Developer: Thekla Inc.
Oh my goodness. Braid was one of my favorite games ever - played it through three times... I'm excited for this. For real.
This looks really incredible. I'll be on the lookout for this
This sounds really interesting, but everything is TBD! The music in the trailer is sort of eerie I'm not sure how long it would take me to get frustrated hahahaha