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Making a Free Website - Weebly Review

I decided to test drive Weebly and review my experience. Weebly is one of many free website builders on the internet. The free account has limited features and if you want more you have to pay a monthly fee. Pros: - A decent selection of website themes for you to choose - Very user friendly because almost everything is drag and drop - Super fast. It took me only 15ish minutes to set up a basic website/blog. Not bad. - Easy to integrate with Facebook and Twitter - Has an SEO section - Multiple admins Cons: - Free account not sufficient for a web store, you'll need to pay for a business account. - Buying a domain with them is super expensive, don't do it! (Slide 2) It's better to buy it off GoDaddy or another domain services website and then paying a lower monthly rate (Slide 3). Domain names shouldn't be more than $15 for a year... - Themes are not unique. There's hundreds of other people who will be using the same ones. - Must pay for weebly logo to be taken off Overall: Good option for a personal website. Avoid this service if you want to look professional. Check out the website I created: Weebly website:
Definitely agree that Weebly is simpe to set up and use, but customize options are limited. Have you tried Squarespace? I think you might like the simplicity and professional vibe.
Hey @stargaze ! I've only heard about it, but never personally tried it! I'll check it out and give it a review. Thank you! :)
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