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The face shop is the most famous korean cheap beauty shop for foreigner! So I recommend it! The name of cosmetic is Arsainte eco therapy tonic with essential. This toner is for every skin. I like this one because it is mild. I think toner is the second cleansing! So it can't be irritant to my sensitive skin! It contains yellow something. What is that? It may be oil to protect outermost layer of the skin. That makes special!!!! It contains 145ml. It costs 10,900 won!
I already use it :)
maybe I will post the different level of korean beauty!
@luka sulwhasoo is different. elder people love it! missha and the face shop is the cheap category in korean beauty! sulwhasoo is luxurious and expensive! it may be confused... there are many beauty shops in korea!
i love the face shop!
oh i thought sulwhasoo is realllllly popular
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