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EXO are unfortunately known to have some of the craziest fans. Today on the 22nd, member Sehun addressed an issue he had with them trying to hack into his accounts. He wrote, "This is the first and last time I'm saying this. I don't do a thing, but why do I get so many text messages? Texts like.. confirmation numbers.. password change.. logging in from a different IP.. just keep coming. If these unbelievable actions continue to happen, I won't stay still." This isn't the first time EXO has addressed the behavior of sasaengs, but it doesn't look like it has gotten any better since. What do you think Sehun would do if this continues?
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I wish the industry could do more to stop this level of crazy from happening :/
I am scared for their safety. The person who hacked the CCTV in Luhan's room needs to be put in jail.
I can't even imagine why you'd want to violate someone's personal space in the first place. I mean, these Kpop stars are all humans. And I'm assuming 99.9% of the human population likes to have their own personal space. Then again I try to avoid pictures of Kpop boy bands when their shirtless... So uhm, yeah. O.o
i didnt know about hacking the CCTV!! 😲when did it happen?? @LeslieNeidig
What even...