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This short video by author Pixie Carlisle would be a great introduction to a workshop session on diversity in books for children and young adults. (It would also be a good plug if you're presenting to a school board to explain why you're asking for money to expand and improve your collection!) Let's promote the authors and publishers bringing us quality literature that gives ALL of our students a mirror--and a window!
Diversity used incorrectly is dangerous too. Like the video said, books about children in trouble with the law, or struggling with money, only strengthens ignorant stereotypes. We need intelligent diversity in literature.
This is definitely an important issue that needs even further attention! Great video, thank you for sharing. I hope that the publishers will take this market into consideration--I'm sure they can still make the money they want to make!
This is so important. Identifying with characters in literature is so important for young readers, and is usually what keeps them reading! We need every child to see themselves as heroes, princesses, magicians, and even just regular kids! Great video!