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Mary has no intention to give up. " If it wasn't his time back then, let it be his time now". The woman she is meeting now, is the granddaughter of the old witch she met back then. "Yes, there are secrets that go down the generations... ", the women says, " and I added to them. Secret knowledge from Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is still all just sophisticated illusions, but isn't this whole world too? " "Can you make them believe that he can rise people from the dead, return sight to the blind? this kind of things? " "Maybe... but why do you want to do that to your own son, when he does not want you to? " "Because the real miracles he can do, are greater than any of these. He can change the hearts of people. But he doesn't understand. I have to make people follow him weather he wants it or not. Only in this way he will learn his true value"
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I like this role of Mary that you are presenting; the dialogue with the witch does well to bring her personality alive