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This simple infographic should give you some great ideas on using one of my middle school students' favorite social media site. Ann Vega's ideas are great. I'm hoping to do some social media/digital storytelling challenges weekly in the library. Ann's ideas have prompted me to get busy on this! I also want to share this idea with teachers. Imagine all those 6th graders who read Hatchet heading out to find great images to fill a bulletin board or wall of a classroom? I plan on putting mine on the library website so anyone can view it.
@greggr, I agree! I honestly think a lot of kids are bored in school. Getting them to use some social media tools in an educational ways might engage those kids who are just there because they have to be.
@smoise, they can use multiple accounts, but use a specific hashtag to share them. Definitely need to use one account if it's kids under 13. Maybe one iPad or device in the class that gets used to take photos? Or give each kid a week to be the Instagram ninja in class? I guess you could create one account and log in on multiple devices, too.
Do you keep just one account for the classroom under the teacher's name? How would you use multiple devices with this? I agree, great idea, but I don't get the mechanics.
@LibraryLady Exactly! While the system should keep every child engaged, that means extending to the devices and services that kids are used to--and want to!--use.
This is a great idea for making a social media something that people are (read: obsessed) with using to a more education use! This way, they have to understand the idea that they're searching for, and they have to apply that knowledge. Who says you can't learn with social media?