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Good news for "High School King" watchers! tvN stated that there will be a one-episode extension, plus a special broadcast because the drama has been receiving so much love from so many. Although it's not clear yet what kind of special they will be airing, I'm sure we won't be disappointed.
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Is anyone annoyed with the female lead? why are korean females portrayed as naive, clueless dumb unattractive., low self-esteem. same as the character from Fated to love you. so annoying!
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@dramacrazy for some reason i can't be annoyed with the female lead here, but i'm slightly annoyed with the one in fated to love you lol, even though they're essentially the same character!!
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@lili,I like Kim Min Young. She is soft spoken, knows right from wrong, good family morals. Jung Soo Young dresses badly, has messy hair, her posture is horrible, acts dorky.For a 28 year old she is extremely naive.
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where can I watch this?
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@amandarivera547, try dramafire (my favorite), dramafever, viki
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