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We start a little bit earlier of where we left off of the last episode. We see that Minsuk had stopped in his tracks before deciding to come back for Sooyoung. Minsuk and Director Yoo have their little stare off, before Sooyoung breaks them off and tells both of them to leave. Minsuk childishly bumps into Director Yoo as he passes, and in return Director Yoo honks for him to get out of the way, causing Minsuk to step into a puddle. Minsuk: "That f***ing bastard did it on purpose, didn't he. *beep* *beep* *beep*" LOL they actually bleeped everything out! At the hospital, Director Yoo tells his father that mom tried to slit her wrist, but she's over the critical stage now. He leaves it to his decision whether to come see her or not. At home Minsuk is just about to give himself indigestion as he stuffs food into his mouth while thinking about what he saw last night. With his head buried in his hands, he doesn't realize that Grandpa had left the house again. Of course, Grandpa runs into Sooyoung outside who kindly helps him home again. This time he remembers where the house is, and they run into Minsuk right outside. They all make the connection that Grandpa's Pretty Unni is Sooyoung, and that Grandpa is Minsuk's grandfather. Minsuk brings up Director Yoo, surely it was nothing last night, right? But Sooyoung cuts him off saying that they're not in the relationship to be jealous. She gets up to leave, but Minsuk holds her back gently. But she should still come back to the company, because a kid like him ruined everything. She doesn't respond, just gets up and leaves. When Sooyoung gets home, she acts like nothing is wrong with Yoo-ah. Seeing as her sister is in such a good mood, she sneaks off to make a phone call to Mr. Steamed White Rice Cake. Minsuk calling himself a kid at the company resonates with Sooyoung. She has a newfound resolution to clearly set the boundaries between her and Minsuk at work, because Jung Sooyoung does not hide from reality! At the office, Minsuk is on cloud nine seeing Sooyoung at her desk. When she goes to read him his schedule, she tries to keep it strictly professional, but Minsuk is up in her face being cute, and she keeps trying to tell herself not to waver. Sooyoung tells him that she will only be working until he finds a new secretary and for the time being to call her noona when they're alone. For the rest of the day, it's Minsuk's turn to avoid Sooyoung because she keeps trying to get him to call her noona LOL. She ends up having to threaten him to not go to work the next day if he doesn't call her that. She's successful, but it results in him shouting it out her. "Did they teach you to yell in school?" In order to avoid talking to Minsuk, she gets into the car with Director Yoo, who happened to just be driving out of the company. She apologizes for using him, but instead he asks for a favor instead. It turns out the favor is to cook porridge for his mom. As they walk out of the hospital, Sooyoung spots the President walking in. President sees his wife from outside of the room, but doesn't walk in and leaves. At a hockey game, Minsuk gets checked by another player and ends up having to have surgery on his shoulder and isn't able to come into work the next day. Sooyoung contemplates on texting him if he was okay, "as a secretary". At home, it seems like she's calling to move into another place, but we don't know the reason. Yoo-ah comes home and sneaks into the bathroom to check up on Minsuk's condition. Walking home from a trip to the grocery story, Sooyoung wonders to herself why Minsuk didn't come into work today. Was it because she kept pestering him to call her noona? Without thinking, her legs led her right to Minsuk's home and she beats herself over it. It's time for Minsuk to be discharged from the hospital. Minsuk's father and hockey coach are both in a meeting with the doctor when they hear the bad news. It'll be hard for Minsuk to play hockey anymore. It's heartbreaking as Minsuk's father breaks down in tears, asking to exchange his arm with Minsuk's. Coach buries his head in his hands. Coach delivers the news to Minsuk and his friends listen in, feeling shocked. At the office, Sooyoung tells Team Leader Kim that she'll be quitting at the end of the week. Minsuk doesn't go to work again that day. Team Leader Kim gives him a call, but Minsuk just lifelessly says he'll call him back later. Minsuk goes to the ice rink and cleans his stuff out of the locker room. He gives his friends the things he can't use anymore, and even mean sunbae gives him a pat on the back. We cut to a scene where Minsuk's father is being terribly scary as he starts to strangle the person in front of him. It turns out that the President is dreaming. A phone call tells him that Chauffeur Choi (Minsuk's adoptive father) now owns a laundromat and took in Lee Jung Soo's two sons and raised them. Minsuk's friends go over to Minsuk's house, but when they get there they find Team Leader Kim, who's also looking for Minsuk, although he can't say that out loud in front of Minsuk's father. This is when Team Leader Kim finds out that Minsuk can't play hockey anymore. On their way out, Minsuk's friends tell Team Leader Kim that they know all about Minsuk being fake, and then they take a selfie together. LOL. They also do great impressions of Team Leader Kim, it's amazing. Yoo-ah calls Minsuk's friends and together they all go look for Minsuk. They end up finding him running at school. He tries to brush them off saying that he's been itching to move his body since he was laying down for a few days. Yoo-ah tries to get him to stop, but he pulls away from her grasp and continues running. Later that day, it starts to pour. Yoo-ah comes back to the school grounds with an umbrella and we see Minsuk sitting on the ground with his two friends standing beside him, all in the rain. Finally, Minsuk breaks down and starts to cry, having flashbacks of all his hockey games and training sessions with his teammates and coach, and his friends cry with him. Can I join this crying party? ;_; When Minsuk gets off the bus, he spots his father sitting at a street food vendor and joins him. His father starts to comfort him, saying that there's other things he could do, like singing since he's good at that. Or even studying, but Minsuk immediately shakes his head at that. Then they follow up with a noraebang session complete with grandpa. The next morning, Yoo-ah looks conflicted about something as Sooyoung is busy packing their things. She walks out, but comes back in only to tell her sister to go see Minsuk because he's hurt. Neither she or his friends can comfort him, and it seems like it's only harder for him because Sooyoung isn't there. Yoo-ah really didn't want to say anything, but says Jung Sooyoung is the only one that can comfort him now and storms out. Sooyoung gets into the moving truck, and they pass by all the places where she shares memories with Minsuk. She finally asks the truck driver to turn around because she had left something behind. When she gets back to her house, she takes the ice puck and runs out, telling the driver she's not moving anymore. She runs to Minsuk's school just as he is on the way out. She stands with her arms wide open, just as he had done so many times for her. When he walks up to her, she throws her arms around him, telling him it's okay. He hugs her back and tells her that he missed her. Sooyoung: "What about Lee Hyungsuk? What about Lee Minsuk? What about 28 years old? What about 18 years old? When I like you to death...when I don't see you I feel like going crazy. I missed you too." COMMENTS AHHH finally!! It finally happened! That last scene was so great, it was just what he needed after losing something so precious to him. I do feel like she would have come around anyway, even without Yoo-ah telling her about his injury. I thought she was already wavering when she wanted him to call her noona. I hope this means we get a lot more dating scenes full of fluffy romance now, since Sooyoung decides to be with him anyway despite the age difference. I miss that hehe.
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